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Press Release 20/12/2022

On 20 th December 2022 outside the Maltese Parliament a press conference was held by the leader of Partit ABBA Ivan Grech Mintoff.

Press Release 20th December 2022

After a series of lies and playing of words that has been happening since before the election, yesterday our 42 representatives in parliament, completely betrayed us, now they have clearly showed their position. They took a stand positioning themselves against the wishes of the Maltese people. Our Parliament representatives are trying to legalise abortion, a topic that was not even opened for discussion and totally against the mandate given. From now on these 42 represent abortion not us.


Ivan Grech Mintoff leader of the party, continued by saying: “Now that you have made your
positions very clear, Partit ABBA has no other option but only to await that this diabolical law is
forced on the Maltese. As soon as this happens we will challenge the legality of this law in court. We will also start a campaign for signatures to be collected for a referendum where we ask the Maltese people to come against this law.”

We will take back the power from the people we have entrusted in our leadership that have abused the power given the limit.

This is why we are asking All political parties, NGO’s, churches, organisations and all individuals that believe in law and order, that like us want to see democracy restored in this country to contact us. So
together we can be part of the change Malta so desperately needs and democracy will truly happen on this land through a referendum.

Ivan Grech Mintoff
Leader of Partit ABBA

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