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TVM News | Abortion | Partit ABBA condemned the amendments announced by the Government on Saturday, adding that the current legislation protects the life of the mother in every situation.

TVM News | ECPM | Partit ABBA becomes full member in ECPM the European Christian Political Movement on 16 June 2023

TVM News - Partit ABBA regarding proposal for social housing. Ivan Grech Mintoff  in the name of Partit ABBA  proposes a solution for the current housing issues in Malta

Ivan Grech Mintoff on Jien Nistaqsi - Smash TV

Ivan Grech Mintoff was interviewed on Jien Nistaqsi on smash TV on 14/02/2022. Ivan Grech Mintoff shares the purpose and interests of the party and expands on the current issues at hand.

TVM reporting on ARISE MALTA event.

TVM - reporting on the ARISE MALTA event held in Valletta on the 6th of February 2022.

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