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Bicycle Repair Shop

ABBA Workers Union (AWU)
ABBA Retail Trade Union (ARTU)

ABBA party has formed a Union to safeguard and protect both employees and employers from current threats. The aim of this union is to bring together all those who want to protect their jobs, businesses and trade.


Why Join AWU/ARTU?

Unions are necessary to fight for rights and for the protection of common causes.

Unions can fight to safeguard wages, bring up legal issues and can be a force to protect anything threatening your job, business or trade. In light of Covid-19 measures, this union was started to bring together like-minded people and safeguard our common interest.

What legal power does a Union have?

Unions can negotiate terms for the members legally. A union can cause strikes, change laws, and form a strong force to bring the necessary change.

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