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Press Release 12/05/2023

Press Release 12th May 2023 - ABBA Party


We have a  whole series of lies that never stop  , where the Prime Minister Robert Abela and Minister Fearne are justifying what they wrote to promote abortion on the Maltese without any mandate and against the will of the Maltese people.


Although we were invited to discuss this issue we were not consulted further on this matter.

In Malta everyone knows that the Abba Party as well as the group Abortion in Malta? Not in my name! accepted the Prime Minister's invitation to discuss this issue further.  We wanted to discuss the proposal put forward by our 38,000 members, these members do not agree with the written proposal being put forward by the government.


Even though we have tried many times to directly contact the Prime Minister he refused to answer us,so how can we be heard?

We wish to share with you 3 separate times and ways we tried to contact him.

1. Through the Prime Minister's office.

2. a close acquaintance of the Prime Minister.

3. Directly to the Prime Minister on his mobile number.

No one returned our phone calls.


This is why the Abba Party is suggesting to Minister Fearne to stop lying to the Maltese people, we wish to also advise him that the people of Malta and Gozo are fed up with the abuse of leadership and lies in this country.


If the Labour Party is going to keep imposing abortion illegally on us, then this same Party will suffer irreversible consequences because you cannot be a supporter of the same Labour Party and accept abortion to enter Malta.


The worse thing is that the representatives that are supposed to represent the Maltese are voting against the wishes of the people and allowing abortion to enter.  If this happens this is a clear indication that this Government is not safe guarding  and looking out for what the people of Malta are clearly saying they don't want in their country.  Under such circumstances this is a very clear sign for the Maltese people to come together once and for all and bring down the people in power that are doing opposite to what they were elected to do by the people.


Ivan Grech Mintoff

Abba Party Leader

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