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Gta 4 Ram Jam Fm =LINK=

RamJam FM: The Reggae Station of GTA 4

RamJam FM is a radio station that appears in the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition, and Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City. The station plays reggae music, ranging from dancehall to dub to roots reggae. The station is hosted by David Rodigan, a British radio personality and reggae enthusiast who is nicknamed "Ram Jam".

The station is meant to replace Tuff Gong Radio and Massive B Soundsystem 96.9 in EFLC, as those stations are exclusive to the original GTA 4 on consoles. RamJam FM is one of the favorite radio stations of Luis Lopez, the protagonist of The Ballad of Gay Tony, and the Yardies, a Jamaican gang that appears in both GTA 4 and EFLC. In GTA IV: The Complete Edition on PC, Little Jacob, a Jamaican drug dealer and friend of Niko Bellic, also likes this station along with Tuff Gong and Massive B.

The station features 13 songs from various artists, such as Barrington Levy, Ini Kamoze, Damian Marley, John Holt, Sugar Minott, Desmond Dekker, and more. Some of the songs are classics from the 1960s and 1970s, while others are more recent releases from the 2000s. The station also features some humorous comments from Rodigan, who often praises the music and criticizes the rival stations.

gta 4 ram jam fm

RamJam FM is a great choice for fans of reggae music and culture, as well as for players who want to immerse themselves in the diverse and vibrant atmosphere of Liberty City.Here are some more paragraphs for the article:

One of the highlights of RamJam FM is the track "Police in Helicopter" by John Holt, featuring Sizzla. The song is a protest against the aerial eradication of marijuana crops in Jamaica, and a call for legalization. The song was originally released in 1983, but was remixed with Sizzla's vocals in 2005. The song reflects the political and social issues that reggae music often addresses, as well as the influence of Rastafari culture on the genre.

Another notable song on RamJam FM is "007 (Shanty Town)" by Desmond Dekker, one of the pioneers of ska and rocksteady music. The song was released in 1967, and was a hit in both Jamaica and the UK. The song tells the story of a rude boy, a term for a rebellious youth in Jamaican culture, who gets into trouble with the law. The song is considered a classic of Jamaican music, and has been covered by many artists over the years.

RamJam FM also features some songs from the GTA series' own fictional artists, such as Major Lazer and Lee "Scratch" Perry. Major Lazer is a musical project created by DJ and producer Diplo, who also composed the original score for GTA 5. Lee "Scratch" Perry is a legendary reggae producer and singer, who also voiced The Truth in GTA San Andreas. Both artists have contributed songs to RamJam FM that showcase their unique styles and sounds.To conclude, RamJam FM is a radio station that offers a diverse and enjoyable selection of reggae music, from the classics to the modern hits. The station is hosted by David Rodigan, a respected and knowledgeable figure in the reggae scene, who adds some humor and insight to the music. RamJam FM is a station that celebrates the culture and history of reggae music, and its impact on Liberty City and the world. 06063cd7f5

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