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New season in Europe | Partit Abba

Partit ABBA officially joins the European Party 'European Christian Political Movement' - ECPM.

This took place this week on June 16 during the 24th General Assembly of the ECPM in Paris, France.

Members of the ECPM Board, National parliament MP's as well as European MEP's within the European Christian Political Movement (ECPM) agreed to work with Partit ABBA and also admitted us full-status, voting members of the ECPM Party.

Partit ABBA leader, Ivan Grech Mintoff was accompanied for the occasion by several members of the party's executive. He described this step as the beginning of a new political path that will be traveled together with some serious people of great integrity: a way to change Europe as well as our country, Malta.

The General Secretary of the Party Simon Elmer stressed that today's Europe has lost all credibility and the values ​​that it once embraced. Partit ABBA, together with members of the ECPM and European MEP's, will therefore continue to work to rebuild the EU and our Country as we wish to see them and not allow a harmful political ideology to continue to destroy the present and future younger generation.

Tania Gauci Fiorini, a member of the executive of Partit ABBA and who represents Maltese women, said that this is imperative for Maltese women to have a proper, representative voice in Europe. A voice that will be heard and discrimination against women will no longer be done in the name of fake and false equality.

David Buttigieg, another member of the executive, works in the youth section of Partit ABBA. Together with ECPYouths, they will work actively on projects both at a National and at a European level and further abroad., One movement that is based on a strong belief in real values, culture, and the Maltese identity itself. Based on the truth and reality of who we are as dignified human beings and not basing our future on lies, broken promises, and deceptive daydreams.

Left to right; Ivan Grech Mintoff, Tania Gauci Fiorini, Valeriu Ghileţchi, Maarten van de Fliert, David Buttigieg, Simon Elmer

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