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ABBA Party in Brussels for Anti-Abortion Conference 2023


European Conference 2023

ABBA party was invited to attend and participate in an international, anti-abortion conference and workshop held in Brussels this Wednesday.

Several distinguished people participated and ABBA is very pleased to announce that due to private meetings that were held with party leader Ivan Grech Mintoff, several MEPs will now be using legal suggestions and arguments put forward by him and that they were not previously aware of, in order to stop the European parliament trying to imposing abortion on member states against our and their will.

Attendees and speakers included:

-Marina Casini, President Movimento Per la Vita, Member Executive Board One of

Us, Italy.

- Alojz Peterle, Former Prime Minister and former Member of the European

Parliament, Slovenia.

- Margarita de la Pisa, Member of the European Parliament ECR Group, Spain.

- György Hölvenyi, Member of the European Parliament EPP Group, Hungary.

Íñigo Méndez de Vigo, Vice-chairman of the EU Convention on a Charter of

fundamental Rights, Spain.

- Paulo Rangel, Vice-president of the European Parliament EPP Group,


- Grégor Puppinck, President of the European Centre for Law and Justice,


- Tonio Borg, Professor of Public Law at Malta University and Former EU

Commissioner for Health and Consumer Rights, Malta.

- Natalia Ochoa Ruiz, Professor of Public International Law and European Union Law,

Camilo José Cela University, Spain.

Nuno Melo, Member of the European Parliament EPP Group, Portugal.

- Miriam Lexmann, Member of the European Parliament EPP Group,


- Archduke Imre von Habsburg-Lothringen, Austria.

- Christian Frei, Theologian and Ethicist, Germany.

- Isabel Benjumea, Member of the European Parliament EPP Group, Spain

Jaime Mayor Oreja, President of the Royal Institute for European Studies,

CEU San Pablo University, and President of One of Us, Spain.

- Alfonso Bullón de Mendoza, President of the Foundation CEU San Pablo,


- Rocco Buttiglione, former Minister for European Affairs, Italy.

- Balázs Orbán, Political Director of PM, Hungary.

- Elisabetta Gardini, Deputy speaker in the Chamber, Italy.

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