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Joint News Conference | Partit Popolari | Partit ABBA | Pro Malta Christiana | Prolifes Malta

In a joint news conference by Partit Popolari, Partit ABBA, Pro Malta Christiana and Prolife Malta, on the 27th June 2023 all Parties stated that in the amendments that are expected to be introduced in the law regarding the termination of pregnancy when the health or life of the mother is in danger, they are only intended to introduce abortion in Malta and the majority of the people do not agree with these set amendments. Text from TVM's reporting Clint Callejja | Partit Popolari said that proposed amendments are ambiguous and that they are being introduced for economic reasons. Philip Beattie | Pro Malta Christiana said that even though an agreement should be reached between three experts the word unanimity is not used, and he said that if two doctors are in favor and one against the pregnancy will be terminated anyway. Simon Elmer Partit ABBA said, that it is not true that the Government consulted with everyone and announced that ABBA Party will be requesting a referendum on these amendments. Simon Debono Pro life Malta said that groups that are supposed to be pro-life are now celebrating the same changes that were announced.

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