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Reclaiming the power for the member states

You are invited to join us to two events organised by Partit ABBA on the 6th of April 2024 and to meet our Candidates for forthcoming European Parliament elections, Ivan Grech Mintoff and Tania Gauci. 

The events will take place at the Posiedon Hall in the AX Hotel ODYCY in Qawra, the forst one starting at 9.30 am. The second conference will start at 2:00pm  in the afternoon.

The morning Conference:  Reclaiming the Power for the EU Member States.

This will be chaired by the President of the European Christian Political Movement (ECPM), Mr. Valeriu Ghilețchi. Our guest speakers for the event will be Mr. Christian Terhes MEP and Dr.Emmy Bezzina (Lawyer and TV presenter) who togther with Dr. Ivan Grech Mintoff, (Leader of ABBA Party ) will be speaking about their concerns on the shift in power from member states (Constitution, Parliament etc)  to the European Commission and European parliament instead.

Discussion will address issues like Sovereignty, Health issues, Gender Ideology and our various freedoms being undermined by the harmful federalist agenda. It will be followed by questions from the audience and answers from the panel.


Cristian Terheș - Mr.Terheș is a Romanian MEP,  member of ECPM and a Champion voice for Freedom.

He will be addressing the issue of various rights of the individual person.

Ivan Grech Mintoff - Mr Mintoff is a founding member and leader of the ABBA Party He is also founder of the Prolife group  “Abortion in Malta? Not in my name!”. 

He will be addressing the supremacy of the Consitution, Malta’s neutral status, the signed agreement in our Ascension treaty with the EU and how they all help us interpret our rights and foreign policies within the EU and beyond. 

Dr. Emy Bezzina - Dr. Bezzina is a well repescted lawyer. He is known also for his controversial but informative discussions on the TV program that he hosts 'Il-Parlament tal-Poplu' (the People’s Parliament)


ECPM President Valeriu Ghilețchi 

He will be discussing the rights of the parents over their childrens’ education and raising our children according to our values and beliefs.

The afternoon conference will consist of introductionary speeches from the European Parliament candidates themselves Ivan Grech Mintoff and Tania Gauci, the official explanation of the electoral campaign as well as the presentation of the official electoral manifesto upon which ABBA will be basing its campaign in this European Parliament election.


Both events is free of charge and open to the public. We are expecting it to be well attended and so we strongly suggest that you  book your seat(s) by sending an email to or by sending a message WhatsApp ONLY on 77931089 or Calls and SMS on 99632713

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