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Partit ABBA Youths | Let's be the Change!

Partit ABBA would like to announce that it is in the process of forming a youth section, Partit ABBA Youths.

Therefore we are announcing that the applications have been opened in order to appoint a committee to lead this group of young people. Open positions; president, secretary, cashier and committee members. Anyone who is interested should send an e-mail or a message in the messenger of the page with his or her details and for which position he is applying. Applications close on 26 September 2023 LET'S INVEST IN YOUTH Partit ABBA believes that we should invest in our youth for generations to come in order to build a country with strong values ​​and families that grow. We are living in a time where children and teenagers are exposed to evil, malicious ideas and practices that go against all morals and Christian teachings. Recently we have even seen and heard that this bad teaching is being called art! Art of Drag queens! It turns out that this evil is being introduced into schools as well. It is unfortunate for our country to see these extreme ideas being legalized by the Government and accepted by many members of Parliament. Therefore, nowadays, more than ever, the need is felt for young Christians to enter Politics in order to be a shield for a future generation. Over time throughout Europe we are always seeing an increase of Christian Political Parties. These Parties are joining together for more strength in the European Union. It was last June that Partit ABBA joined a European Christian Political Group ECPM - European Christian Political Movement, a group that includes many Christian Parties from various countries in Europe and of which there are MEP's in the EU. Within the ECPM group there is also a young section which is ECPYouth which has many activities around Europe and which is ready to work together with Partit ABBA. Let's be the Change! Let's be a shield for generations to come. Together we work for a better future, both in Malta and abroad. Simon Elmer Sec. Gen. Partit Abba #together #change #order #discipline #PartitAbba #PartitAbbaYouths

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