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ABBA Party’s Launch Event

ABBA political party has just been launched and will be contesting the forthcoming general elections, having overcome discriminatory action from the Electoral Commission, which had initially refused their registration. This was objected to via a judicial protest which was filed in court by the party. The Electoral Commission eventually registered ABBA as a political party.

The ABBA Executive Committee comprises Ivan Grech Mintoff (Leader), Matthew Grech (Secretary), Romina Magro (Treasurer), Alexander D’Agata (Member) & David Vella (Member).

ABBA works for the restoration of what has been stolen from the Maltese people by foreign institutions and irresponsible Maltese governance during the past decades, and to see the country restored back to its citizens. According to the Party’s secretary Matthew Grech, a common faith in Jesus Christ among the Executive Committee Members is the driving force behind the party’s destination.

During the launch, the Committee Members unveiled the party’s Political Platform which highlights ABBA’s campaign for the 2022 elections. The platform includes: 1) Right to Life, 2) Quality of Life, 3) Justice, Law and Order, 4) Freedom for the Individual, and 5) Sovereignty.

Romina Magro opened by presenting ‘Right to Life’ as the platform’s dominant point. She explained that ABBA aims to defend the primary and fundamental right to life, as per Article 33 of chapter four of the Constitution of Malta, which states that “No person shall intentionally be deprived of his life”. Ms Magro emphasised that both abortion and euthanasia go against the Constitution of Malta and are voluntary homicide. “No nation that murders its babies will survive”, said Ms. Magro, “since abortion has serious negative consequences on the nation, especially on the values and dignity of women.” Ms Magro further stressed that it is a lie told by many that abortion is performed for the purpose of safeguarding a woman’s health, and reiterated that the womb should be a secure place that protects the baby.

Ms Magro also presented the second point in the platform: ’Quality of Life’. She said that due to injustice and to the corruption in our Government establishments, Maltese families are unable to live a decent and good quality of life. Ms Magro also mentioned that since the Government is opening its doors to many foreigners, many employers are paying their employees low wages. She went on to say that Maltese people are also struggling to buy a home due to a surge in prices for buildings which rendered property prices too expensive to afford. Ms. Magro said that the Government cannot keep helping the rich only at the expense of the working class, and that poor governance is precisely what has led to Malta’s grey-listing. “ABBA party wants a just balance and a serious and prudent leadership so that both rich and poor enjoy a comfortable and decent life”, said Ms Magro.

The third point in the platform, that of Justice, Law and Order, was presented by Alexander D’Agata. Mr D’Agata underlined that ABBA party will ensure that the Courts and our parliament are serious, honest and transparent and that the magistracy and the choice of the Police Commissioner, is also transparent. He added that ABBA party will ensure that people in this position are chosen according to their merits and experience and not according to their political colour. “A firm Government knows how to reign and balance…a firm and transparent court is a free society and a strong Government” he said.

Freedom of the Individual was the fourth point, presented by Mr D’Agata. Mr D’Agata expressed that people’s rights are not given to them by a political party or organisation, but by God Himself. He said that these rights are not being protected/safeguarded, are not even being mentioned in the Maltese Parliament, and that, as a result, we have lately been seeing many individuals losing their jobs, lockdowns enforced on healthy people, people held in detention, and in a very discriminatory manner, to mention just a few unjust acts. He added that ABBA’s presence in Parliament will first work to amend pro-life legislation so that it codifies the protection of life from conception in the Constitution itself. Mr D’Agata also said that being a Conservative party, ABBA will labour to introduce legislation that models assistance to pregnant women in crisis. “ABBA will fight for all of you, and for our vision to keep democracy alive,” Mr D’Agata said.

Matthew Grech introduced Sovereignty as the fifth and final point in the political platform, highlighting that the Constitution of Malta is the highest law in Malta, prevailing over all other laws. “The European Parliament is openly declaring war against the Constitutions of all the European member states”, said Mr Grech. He added that the European Parliament is attempting to impose laws, such as abortion and euthanasia, on Malta. Malta should endeavour to preserve its sovereign ability to decide its own future, and that of its citizens, said Mr Grech. ABBA is pioneering strategic international relations that are sure to strengthen Malta’s standing with influential conservative nations. Mr Grech further remarked that according to Government statistics, 300 visas were issued everyday by the Maltese Consulate in Libya to immigrants for 14 consecutive months, which adds up to 88,000 visas. “This imposes a threat to our national security. Selling passports is also harmful to our national interest and our Maltese citizenship should never be for sale on the market.”

The launch was rounded off with Party Leader, Ivan Grech Mintoff. He affirmed that from conception, God puts His Spirit and DNA in all of us. For this reason, Dr Grech Mintoff said that the urge is strong for ABBA to fight harmful and deadly laws and policies which are being imposed on Maltese citizens by foreign organisations and local tyrannical politicians, bringing about a culture of death. Dr Grech Mintoff came out vociferously against gender indoctrination in schools where children are being dictated to by their educators, against parents’ consent and beliefs, on what pronouns they should use when addressing them.

“We are the children of Light and not of darkness. Bolstered by our inner strength which is above all others, in the forthcoming election, ABBA will make ‘His story, His-story, History’”, he remarked.

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