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ABBA Party Sues the Electoral Commission

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

ABBA filed a judicial protest against the Electoral Commission, which is refusing to register it as a Political Party that would allow it to contest the forthcoming general elections. The Commission informed ABBA Party that unless two articles in its statute would not be corrected, the political party could not be formally registered. These include a request for an ‘acronym’ as well as a request for details about the distribution of assets in the case of the party’s dissolution. The party’s legal representative firmly argued that the Commission’s demands superexceed the requirements of Maltese legislation, and that the Commission seemed to ignore information that was already made available in ABBA’s statute.

Furthermore, when ABBA’s statute was compared to that of other political parties, it was found that no such information was provided by the latter. It was also argued that the same exact wording used to provide details about distribution of assets in the case of dissolution by another political party was previously accepted.

Dr. Jeanise Dalli reminds Maltese Courts that although a legal letter was already sent to the Commission, urging them to ensure that there would be no unjust or discriminatory treatment towards ABBA Party, no response was provided by the Commission.

Party Leader Ivan Grech Mintoff together with party members feel greatly harmed by this unnecessary and inconvenient delay, as they can’t carry out their work as planned and are suffering preferential treatment against them.

If the party is held from contesting the general elections due to the Commission’s refusal to accept its registration, ABBA will hold the Commission responsible and are ready to use every legal opportunity to safeguard their rights, and the rights of Maltese citizens who are supporting them.

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