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Press Release 24/06/2023 | Partit ABBA | Abortion

Re; Proposed Government Abortion Amendments

Press Release 24/06/2023 | Partit ABBA | Abortion

No amendment in the Maltese abortion law is needed nor sought by anyone except those who want abortion to be imposed on the Maltese at all costs. This was stated by the ABBA Party today, as a reaction to the latest proposals made by the Maltese government regarding the abortion law and ABBA condemned these proposals in their entirety.

ABBA Party leader, Ivan Grech Mintoff Stated:

"The continual series of lies, wordplay, and total deception that have characterized this campaign and the agenda of abortion imposition by Prime Minister Robert Abela and Health Minister Christopher Fearne, have now reached a far more shameful and far more diabolical level than ever before.

Only certain foreign interests now seem to be important and the betrayal of Maltese values, culture, and identity themselves is now completely out in the open, together with any genuine Labour Party beliefs itself. They have finally made their real anti-labour position very clear and everyone can weigh the words that they use. Only those who are deaf to their own conscience can now congratulate them and applaud them for this latest action!"

"The promises and his word that our Prime Minister Abela repeatedly and solemnly gave us publicly, has now evapourated. He is openly celebrating that he wants to change the abortion laws!

We remind the Prime Minister Robert Abela that it was he himself who told us that he has no mandate to change the abortion laws and that it was he himself who was to be that giant champion standing firm against anyone who tries to amend the abortion laws. He did not even keep the promise he made to meet us to listen to our proposals and genuine concerns on this subject.

Are you now expecting us to trust any more and believe you that you are not introduce that wedge and then open a full abortion, when this seems to have been the plan from the very beginning? This is not credible nor the actions of a serious Prime Minister."

The ABBA party insists and claims that the present laws safeguard the life of the mother in every situation as shown by the 100% record and without any trace, which our medical staff can be so proud of. Mothers and doctors are currently not in any danger, neither legal nor of death because we don't have legal abortion. "

Finally, the ABBA party promises that as soon as this law is imposed, we will start collecting signatures to hold an abrogative referendum "which will lead to the will of the Maltese people being respected by those who no longer represent our interests. We must, at that stage, be the ones to remove the curse of abortion from these islands, once and for all.

We encourage all pro-life political parties, NGOS, groups, and individuals who wish to be part of this historic take back of our rights to contact us and also become part of the preparation that is currently underway."

Ivan Grech Mintoff

Partit ABBA Leader

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