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Robert Abela's Government willing to sign NATO agreement in breach of our constitution

"The present Labour government is itself proposing in parliament and is willing to sign an agreement with NATO behind the backs of the people and without our prior consent.

This is definitely the biggest scandal possible and also a very serious mistake by Dr. Robert Abela's team." - Ivan Grech Mintoff, Leader of the ABBA party in a news conference on 7th June 2023 during the annual activities of ‘Sette Giunio’

Press Release 7th June 2023

"If the participation in the PFP of NATO does not violate the Maltese Constitution, then the former leaders of the Labor Party Dom Mintoff, Dr. Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici, Dr. Alfred Sant and Dr. Joseph Muscat all lied to us when they stated everything to the contrary !

Also, on April 1995, during an extraordinary meeting of the Labour Party, hundreds of Party delegates agreed and voted unanimously, that the NATO PFP was unconstitutional and that the next Labour government will immediately withdraw Malta's illegal membership in the Partnership For Peace program of NATO.

Does that mean that everyone - labour leaders and labour delegates - were all lying to us, according to this current leadership of the PL ?!!

The next Labour Government of Alfred Sant went on to do exactly what was promised and in 1996, our current President, George Vella, as Minister of Foreign Affairs, was the very person who signed for complete and unequivocal withdrawal from our participation in NATO.

After Richard Cachia Caruana brought us back into PFP in 2008, he was forced to resign because he brought us into Partnership for Peace illegally and in an anti-constitutional way.

And that illegality is still there to this day. Therefore, Malta's present presence in NATO's Partnership for Peace was and continues to be, highly illegal and unconstitutional.

Now this illegal agreement comes to an end this month (June) and therefore, the Prime Minister is obliged by law not to renew this illegal contract but to tear it up and throw it away. Abela needs to end this very ugly episode of Malta's history, where our Constitution was abused and ignored, every day for years, and instead restore proper law and order, as it should be.

A vote in parliament in favour of any extension of this illegal agreement in these circumstances, will be the clearest indication that the present parliament does not represent the will of the people but the will of those who wish works above the law and against the interests of the nation.

ABBA Party is holding both the government and the opposition fully accountable for each vote on this matter and is demanding the full, immediate and unequivocal withdrawal from NATO's PFP programmes or other affiliation in order to respect our Constitution fully.

Apart from being completely immoral and illegal, I have no doubt that a vote in favour of this activity in NATO will surely divide the Labour party once and for all!

Is this what Ian Borg and Robert Abela really want?"

Ivan Grech Mintoff

Abba Party Leader

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