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ABBA Party leaves a Christmas card with a message to Robert Abela - Statement 15/12/22

For the second year in a row, ABBA Party placed a traditional Christmas crib at the entrance to Valletta right outside Parliament. This year, with a difference!

ABBA Party leader Ivan Grech Mintoff said that this year a letter box is placed next to the crib and he invited the public to leave a message to Prime Minister Robert Abela that we do not want abortion in Malta. Ivan Grech Mintoff together with members of the executive and other passers-by left their message on a postcard or simply even on a paper:

"Abortion in Malta? Not in my name!".

Ivan Grech Mintoff stated;

“Ten more days we will celebrate Christmas: the birth of that baby - Jesus Christ - who came into the world. The most important birth that the Maltese celebrate gladly.

In the meantime, before Parliament, we have the Christmas tree and the beautiful presents but we have no image of the Maltese tradition, the Holy Crib.

And whilst we are celebrating the greatest birth ever that affected the whole world, our parliamentarians are negotiating how to destroy Maltese babies in their mother's womb!

We, ABBA Party, do not accept this. We came here and assembled this crib to celebrate Christmas in a Maltese way without offending anyone, and we are inviting people of goodwill to come here too and place a card in our letterbox with a simple message to the Prime Minister:

"Abortion in Malta? Not in my name!" - just as I am doing now - and placing it into the postbox, next to the crib. We promise to send your wishes - the Maltese who are against this abortion amendment and who are against abortion in Malta - to the Prime Minister of Malta.

Because the Maltese do not want abortion in Malta and the Prime Minister does not have the mandate to introduce abortion. And what he wants to do in Parliament is nothing more than the introduction of abortion as has even been confirmed by many big-wig Labour people within the Labour Party itself.

I hope that the PM listens to the people of Malta: that we do not want his abortion in Malta and may we remind him that despite various messages and phone calls to him, we have not yet had an answer as to when he will meet with us to discuss his amendment. It is not worthy of a Prime Minister who first invites us to dialogue and then ignores our phone calls and messages...

We invite everyone of goodwill in Malta to come here in front of the parliament and together with us to send a clear message to the PM of Malta this Holy Christmas on our behalf and also on behalf of those who do not have a voice to defend themselves from vicious and unnecessary death. And that message must be:

"Abortion in Malta? Not in my name!"

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