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ABBA - The abortion law; Court and Referendum

In a press conference held today outside the Maltese parliament, ABBA party leader stated:

"After a series of lies, double speak and total deception that has been the name oif the game since before the last general election, our representatives in the parliament, yesterday betrayed us completely and now they have made their real position very clear.

The infamous “42” voted to continue trying to legalize something that the Maltese told them not to even discuss let alone vote for! And they did all this, against the will of the Maltese and against the very mandate given to them.

From now on, those 42 represent abortion. Not to us."

Ivan Grech Mintoff, the leader of the party, went on to say: "Now that you have made your position clear, there is nothing left but for the ABBA party to simplywait for this diabolical law to be imposed by the Maltese against the our will.Everything is now ready and in place. As soon as this happens, we will immediately challenge its legitimacy in court as well as start the campaign to collect signatures for an abrogative referendum where we will ask the Maltese people to tear up this piece of fascist legislation and throw it away.

We will take back power from those whom we trusted and who abused this trust in a dictatorial manner.

We are asking all Parties, NGOs, Churches, organizations and individuals who believe in the rule of law and in civil order, who like us want democracy restored to this country to contact us immediately, before we start and together, to be part of the change that Malta needs so much, all through the people's democratic right to a national referendum."

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